Congratulations on the arrival of your new bundle of joy! As a new parent, you are likely to want to capture every moment of your little one’s life, including those first few precious weeks. One of the best ways to do this is by having a professional newborn photography session. You may be wondering what to wear for the session, or how to ensure that your baby is comfortable and happy throughout the photoshoot. I want to take away any stress and make your newborn session experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Here are some tips on what to wear for a newborn session in studio with Precious Twenty-One Photography, to help you feel confident and comfortable during the photoshoot.

Dress for Comfort

As a new mom, your comfort is essential during the photoshoot. We recommend wearing something comfortable and easy to move around in, as you may need to hold your baby or change positions during the shoot. Opt for loose, breathable clothing that allows you to move and relax. You may also want to bring a change of clothes in case of any accidents or spills.

Choose Light-Colored Clothing

Light-colored clothing is the best choice for a newborn session, as it creates a soft, timeless look that emphasizes the purity and innocence of your little one. Whites, creams, and pastel colors work particularly well in newborn photography sessions. They also complement your baby's delicate skin and highlight their precious features. The goal is to create a bright, airy look that showcases your baby's innocence and purity. To achieve this look, it's best to dress in light-colored clothing that blends in with the white backdrop. Pastel colors, creams, and light grays work particularly well. Avoid wearing bright or bold colors, as these can be distracting and take away from the focus of the photos. Opt for natural, soft fabrics that complement your baby's delicate skin. Consider adding some texture to your clothing, such as a knit sweater or a lace dress, to add depth to the photos.

Avoid Busy Patterns or Logos

When it comes to newborn photography, less is often more. Avoid busy patterns or logos, as they can be distracting and take away from the focus of the photos - your baby's adorable features. Simple, plain clothing is the best choice, as it allows your baby to be the star of the show.

Coordinate with Your Partner

If you're planning on having family photos taken with your newborn, it's important to coordinate your outfits with your partner. This doesn't mean that you need to wear matching outfits, but rather that your clothing should complement each other. For example, if you're wearing a cream-colored dress, your partner might want to wear a light-colored shirt or sweater.

In conclusion, choosing what to wear for a newborn session can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. By following these tips, you can ensure that you look and feel your best on the day of the session, and that the photos will be cherished memories for years to come.